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Thank you for this information and all of your assistance. As we’ve mentioned before this has been a trying journey and a difficult situation. Your compassion and concern during this time has been appreciated. Blessings.
Perth Probate Centre Client
June 6, 2024
Thanks Nigel, [we] appreciate your help with all this
Inheritance Disputes Client
June 6, 2024
Awesome outcome, thank you Bea.
June 6, 2024
Thank you, Maya. Very grateful for your help.
June 6, 2024
Dear Michael, Thank you for your most professional service.  
Satisfied Deceased Estate Client
June 6, 2024
Dear Michael, we appreciate the professionalism and cooperation demonstrated by you and your team throughout.
Satisfied Deceased Estate Client
June 6, 2024
Thank you for the update, great result. Thank you for all your efforts
Get Paid Debt Collection Client
June 6, 2024
Thank you so much for the very quick turnaround of activities… I am really very impressed.
Mr R - PAID debt collection client
June 6, 2024
Thank you very much for your help within the last few years. I really appreciate your help, and I am happy with the outcome
Mr B - Commerical dispute advice
June 6, 2024
Very pleasant and a seamless experience that was achieved very quickly.
June 6, 2024
Thanks to Nigel for outstanding service and prompt responses and a fantastic outcome. Will recommend you to anyone. Thanks
May 23, 2024
Thank you for your time today, Sean. I can now understand the wording of [deceased’s] Will. Sean was well spoken, understanding and patient. Your time has been appreciated.
Dorothy (Probate client)
June 6, 2024
Lucy, thank you for all your patience and support throughout this extremely long period of time. Please thank Nigel for me also. Without the both of you, things may have turned out differently.
Deceased Estates Client
May 31, 2024
Thank you for the work you have done for us.
Commercial Litigation Client
May 29, 2024
Thank you for your sage advice on this matter. We couldn’t have achieved the same outcome without you.
Ms G – Contentious Estate Matter
May 28, 2024
Bea, many thanks for all your help. This debt was successfully paid and many thanks for your services.
Get Paid Debt Collection Client
May 27, 2024
Hi Chris, Thank you very much for the great service from you and the team to make this happen effortly for me.  
Russel Price
May 7, 2024
Thank you Bea for attending to this matter and getting some sort of commitment from [debtor].
Get Paid Debt Collection Client
May 7, 2024
I am very satisfied with the service. There was no pressure from Carolina.
Anthony Lise
May 2, 2024
I am very satisfied with the service. I feel relaxed and was treated with respect. Sean was great! I would recommend him.
Perth Wills centre
May 2, 2024
Good morning Michael. Many thanks for you assistance in getting this sorted so efficiently.
Perth probate centre client
May 2, 2024
Thanks Bea, you are a treasure
Get Paid Debt Collection Client
May 2, 2024
Hi Nigel, thank you for your email… Appreciate all the assistance you and your team have provided to us throughout this process.
Complex debt recovery litigation
May 2, 2024
Thank you so much, Chris! I very much appreciate the work you and your team have done, and for answering my hundreds of questions! Many thanks again.
May 2, 2024
Angus, Thank you for letting us know and for the work you have done on this account for us. Much appreciated.
Get Paid Debt Collection Client
April 16, 2024
I’ve checked our bank account this morning; believe it or not, the funds have come through. Every cent. I feel extremely relieved, that’s big pressure off my shoulders. It seems like the strategy for this one worked astonishingly well. I want to thank you both from the bottom of my heart for your excellent work and help with this matter.
Mr G - commercial installation and supply company
April 16, 2024
You’re the best Maya – thank you!
Probate on-the-spot client
April 11, 2024
Awesome work Angus, many thanks, much appreciated.
Get Paid Debt Collection Client
April 9, 2024
Carolina was just amazing in assisting us with our wills! She was so relaxed, organized, confident and patient with us and gave us all the answers to ensure we felt comfortable with our decisions. You are the best!
Karin pedrick
April 8, 2024
[After client finished instalment plan and debt now paid in full]; “Thank you, nice to have another one done and dusted!!”
GPDC client
March 28, 2024

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